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For explorers by explorers

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There is something incredible about Antarctica!

You can never quite grasp what it is or how to explain it. You are often lost for words when people ask, or you find yourself rambling as memories rush back from your incredible journey. Once you see for yourself and set foot on this continent for the very first time you are absolutely in awe of this magic destination. The scale of it is unimaginable no matter how well you prepare. I have enjoyed a privileged travel life that I am extremely grateful for, but the joy and wonder of visiting Antarctica is unmatched in so many ways. The anticipation is overwhelming and can only be balanced by being sure that you have chosen an Expedition operator and team that aligns with your values and dreams. For Hurtigruten, the guest experience is paramount, and I have experienced it first hand and was also fortunate to be an observer of the operations on my last journey down south. The entire team work day and night to prepare and to deliver experiences that will live on for years to come.

The Hurtigruten focus on science, research and leaving the smallest footprint for the smallest time has driven us to create innovative, world-leading low emission and battery hybrid-powered ships with sustainability at the core of all our operations. This commitment extends to banning single-use plastic, using battery and low emission fuel, focusing on heat recovery solutions and implementing state-of-the-art food and waste management solutions. All of this happens behind the scenes; upfront you will benefit from our dedicated and experienced Expedition team sharing their knowledge through one-on-one discussions and onboard lectures. You will have the opportunity to participate in citizen science programs in the most advanced Expedition cruise science centre at sea, plus enjoy authentic active adventures on the water and land. All the time you will be wrapped in the warmth, safety and comfort of a professional operation team on the ultra-premium Scandi-designed and operated ship that includes a health club, pools, spas, massage therapy for those aching bones, and restaurants and bars to fill you with extraordinary cuisine to energise you for the coming days.

Antarctica will peel back the layers and you, like every creature, will get to feel, hear and see the beauty and power of nature at its best. We are exposed to the wildlife, wind, sea and sun and get up close with whales, penguins, birdlife and seals to name a few local friends. Your senses are overloaded and every curious bone in your body engaged. And to wind down - I suggest slow down. The peace, quiet and feeling of isolation and insignificance offers a moment of great reflection. History will tell you that Antarctica has never been conquered and you will leave praying that it never is. There’s something quite incredible about Antarctica and how it puts life into perspective, while also igniting our passion to explore and preserve this amazing place. I can’t wait to go back.

Damian Perry Managing Director, Asia-Pacific Mobile: +61 410 220 762

Have you heard of Koselig?

Deeply engrained in Norwegian culture, ‘koselig’ is the concept of feeling cosy and content.

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