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For explorers by explorers


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In this issue, we celebrate just a few of the many unsung heroes that make our journeys so remarkable.

Antarctica, Svalbard, Norway, Greenland, and Iceland. While these are outstanding destinations on their own, what has been equally outstanding are the Captains, Expedition Teams and Crew that have accompanied us on each of these voyages.

The attention to detail in ensuring extraordinary experiences for guests and adventurers alike, continues to leave me in awe. There are many cogs that keep a wheel turning, and operating expedition sailings is a prime example of this. The hard work truly begins well before any of us step aboard. Design, conceptualisation, creativity, and exploration; all underpinned with local knowledge, know-how, science expertise and leadership. Invaluable skills and seasoned professionals all readily available at any point of the trip. And we are only scratching the surface of the many people that work around the clock to keep us cruising along.

As the world opens up and we look forward to future sailings, I can’t help but dream of the great Northwest Passage. But, I may just need to take a ticket. There are countless ocean explorers and adventure cruisers lining up for this bucket-list journey. And after the few years that we have all had, we deserve it. So get planning and be one of the select few in the world, and its history, to take on the voyage of the Northwest Passage. Read on and I hope to see you at sea soon.

Anthony Daniels General Manager, UK & EMEA

Have you heard of matpakke?

Meaning ‘packed lunch’, this Norwegian word refers to a specific style of open-faced sandwich consumed daily by many of the country’s inhabitants.

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