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Are you ready for the BIGGEST adventure of your lifetime?

It’s time to start exploring the world again as we are launching a series of Grand Expedition Cruises spanning all the exciting waters from the Arctic and Antarctica.

Most spectacular are the three 2023 Pole-to-Pole cruises exploring the planet all the way from the extreme north to the remote south. Our Pole-to-Pole cruises combine iconic bucket-list destinations such as Alaska, Iceland, Greenland, the Northwest Passage, South America and Antarctica – with fabled crossings such as the Arctic Circle, the Panama Canal and the Drake Passage.

These are undoubtedly the most unique and exclusive expedition cruises we have ever offered in our 126-year history, and we believe these are the ultimate expedition cruise experiences. These extraordinary voyages will showcase some of the most spectacular nature and wildlife on our planet and offer authentic encounters with unique cultures.

To ignite your wanderlust this issue celebrates the Americas, showcasing some amazing places and projects.

We set our course for the spectacular Northwest Passage, connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Following the trail of legendary explorers such as Roald Amundsen - the Norwegian who was the first to successfully reach both the North and South Poles, as well as the first person to navigate through the Northwest Passage - we delve into the history of this ever-changing and notoriously hard-to-navigate waterway. Amundsen is also the namesake of the world’s first battery-hybrid powered ship, which you can also read all about.

Canada’s rugged Newfoundland and Labrador regions are a highlight for adventurous travelers. With remarkable geology and monumental icebergs, Newfoundland is home to the breathtaking Gros National Park. Read about its amazing wildlife, unique culture, and scenery.

Staying in the north, we learn about Alaska with its towering mountains and lush forests.

As the sanctuary-like home of brown and black bears, we bring you a charming story of crashed picnics and grizzly family encounters. You’ll also find out about the importance of these iconic animals to both the Alaskan ecosystem as well as local peoples.

Fascinated by the supernatural? You’re in for a treat as we contemplate Chile’s mysterious Chiloé Island with its tales of mythical creatures, ghost ships and age-old traditions. And find out about the work the Hurtigruten Foundation is doing in the Americas to help boost struggling orca populations.

If these stories inspire you to go an adventure, then keep an eye out for our other forthcoming Grand Expedition Cruises on the Hurtigruten Expeditions website. On one, you'll visit a plethora of countries and have a wealth of experiences – in fact, we believe these journeys really do represent the essence of expedition cruising!

Asta Lassesen CEO Hurtigruten Expeditions

Have you heard of Ut på tur, aldri sur?

On a hike - never gripe! Tur also translates into journey.


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